Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Twist and Turns Through the Amalfi Coast

We spent our 25th anniversary visiting the south of Italy. One of our favorite places was the Amalfi Coast.  The dramatic mountain cliffs rise up against the emerald-blue sea sparkling in the sunlight below.  Pastel colored villages carved into the mountain-side shine vibrantly against the landscape, while scented lemon groves and a salty sea breeze fill the air!

The drive along this spectacular coastline is simply breathtaking.  It’s not, though, for the faint of heart!!!  With steep rock on one side and a dramatic drop to the Mediterranean on the other, the narrow road clings to the mountain and follows the twisting shoreline, resulting in winding roads and sharp curves.  Equipped with a sense of adventure and some solid advice, you can drive the coast and experience one of the most beautiful drives in the world.

If you like the twist and turns of a roller coaster, this drive is for you! Thrill-seekers hoping to go bigger, higher or faster on the Amalfi Coast roads may be disappointed as there are many obstacles that may slow you down (see the video below)!

But the drive was worth it. We stopped and got a Delizia (delight) al limone (lemon) dessert. Lemons have been the symbol of the Amalfi coast for long time, but just recently their taste was captured into little, creamy yellow cake, which fast enough became as famous as the Limoncello

Delizie al limone are composed of sponge cake, layered with lemon cream and covered with fresh whipped cream. A perfect way to finish an Italian dinner or just to gorge yourself during your Italian holiday. Bellissimo!

Delizie al limone  is one of the most delicious lemon desserts of mankind found on the Amalfi Coast! We are with Clemente, host son #2 from Capriglia!

Watch this video driving though the Amalfi Coast and pay attention to the driving lessons:

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