Friday, April 1, 2011

Touring Kunming

Teaching at the Kunming New Oriental School

Kunming New Oriental School
2号 Danxia Road, Xishan,

Kunming, China

Kunming is a multi-ethnic capital city of Yunnan Province, there are some ethnic minorities in Kunming including Sani People of Yi Minority, Huis,Bais,Miaos,Lisus,Zhuangs,Dais and Hanis.It is about 4.6 million ethnic people in Kunming which is 12.6% of the total population.

Among there ethnic minorities, Sani People of Yi minority in Shilin County is the most popular one.

As a branch of Yi, they are mainly distributed in Shilin County, Luxi County, Mile County, Qiubei County, Yiliang County and Luliang County.Sani People call themselves “Ni”, meaning happy people. They are diligent, brave and good at singing and dancing. Sani People have deep feeling for almost every hill and stone. There is a touching story concerning every scenic spot and the most popular is The Story of Ashima.

As a branch of Yi, Sani People enjoy some common cultural features such as similar character, religion and customs with the other branches of Yi. But they have their own features in religion, costumes and buildings.Yi People boast a long history. Their ancestors admired tigers and regarded tigers as their totem. But besides tigers, the totems of Sani also include spiders.