Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tasting our way through the Rocky Coast of Maine

To celebrate our anniversary we took a plane to Portland Maine. We rented a Ford Escape and drove through the coastline of Maine. The Burch and Pine trees led us to the Acadia National Park to start our adventures or shall I say tasting our way through the rocky coast of Maine and back down to Portland! We met some wonderful local people and they made some recommendations where and what to eat to “wet our palates!”

Part I

I will take a “Seven Napkin Burger” please!

"I will take a 'Seven Napkin Burger' please!" We stopped by Owls Head General Store on 2 South Shore Drive in Owls Head. At the center of nearly every small village in Midcoast Maine, an independently-run general store has historically been the hub of activity for that community. They offer not just the grocery store food and home and school supplies, but also provide a central meeting place for the townspeople, fishermen, and tourists to stop and chat about the weather and a little bit about this and that. 

The Owls Head General Store is an inviting, warm,  and cozy place, where you can have a cup of coffee, tea, coco, read your iphone, meet people and sit at one of the tables, inside while you wait for your burger. The cute little shelves are stocked with homemade whoopie pies and glass cookie jars filled with old-fashioned penny candy. Also, there is a place to purchase souvenir t-shirts, post cards, and bumper stickers, the stock in trade of visitors from away who are drawn in by Summer day trips to the quaint little historic town of  lighthouses.
 So, what is a “Seven Napkin Burger?” The burger is about an 8 oz. beef burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup on a bun. The burger got its name because it takes 7 napkins to clean up your hands and face after devouring the most scrumptious beef patty known to mankind! 
Later I learned that the Food Network Magazine crowned the store’s “Seven Napkin Burger” the very best in Maine, as part of their “50 Burgers, 50 States” featured in the June/July 2009 issue. 
By the way, it was a “Five Napkin Burger” for my husband! I was impressed!  

What’s for dinner?

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