Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Reviews from students that lived in refugee camps

Good Readers make connections to their world, other books and to characters. My students made connections to Karen Lynn Williams' books about refugees and their triumphs! 

"My book is about Four Feet, Two Sandals.

Lina  is  a  refugee  from  Afghanistan.  Lina  does  not have  shoes.  She  finds  a  sandal.  She  looks  for  the other  sandal.  She  meets  a  new  friend,  Feroza.  Feroza  has  the  other  sandal.  This  book  is  about  two friends  who  want  to  share  the  sandals.  Lina  gets  the  papers  to  go  to the  USA.  Who  takes  the sandals?  Will  Lina  and  Feroza  see  each  other  again? Read  the  book,  Four  Feet,  Two  Sandals!"
Students are actively involved reading Karen Lynn Williams' books.
"I read the book, MY NAME IS SANGOAL.

Sangoal   is  a  refugee  from  Sudan.  His  father  dies in the  war.  Sangoal,  his  mother  and  sister  come to America  to  begin  a  new  life.  When  Sangoal  starts his  new  school  he  meets  a  lot  of  new  friends.  But there  is  a  problem! No  one  can  pronounce  his  name!   You must  read   and  find  how  Sangoal  teaches his  friends and  his  teacher  how  to  say  his  name!"
Students made a follow up activity from the book, MY NAME IS SANGOAL:

~March 13, 2012 

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