Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family 2 Family Testimonies:

"I wonder how I would have reacted if a program like yours was available when I came to this country literally running for my life in 1973! During those dark days, Nixon-Kissinger had little sympathy for a young person like myself who was working with Allende in Chile. Allende was the president of Chile. The CIA under orders from Nixon/Kissinger did the dirty work to overthrow his democratically elected government. How times have changed! I was alone, I felt like a cornered animal and terrified that the US government would send me back to Chile where I would have been executed or thrown in jail. I am grateful that America's values and decency was no match to Nixon/Kissinger." February 7, 2011

"I was very impressed by the event. Magic happens when a team of caring people works together. Thank you for creating such a warm and caring atmosphere for all of the Burmese parents to feel comfortable interacting with the school staff, community agents and learning with their children. I thoroughly enjoyed the night. Thank you again." March 25, 2011

"Thank you, Laurel for you contribution in helping to make Friday an overwhelming success. Clearly, your dedication to the students and their families shines through all you do." March 27, 2011

"Congratulations on such a successful program. It was wonderful seeing all of our students and their parents in attendance for your last class. The entire team of staff that has been working with our students are very committed to helping to remove barriers for learning so our students can be successful. I commend each and everyone of you for your participation in helping this to be an outstanding program. Hats off to a job well done!" March 12, 2009

"This program exemplifies collaboration and integration of outreaches to families. With your leadership and administration, a Nigerian proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child" is in full practice. You make it happen, when others only "hope" for great things to happen! Keep up the great work in identifying the needs of your students and families and implementing best practices/strategies to support all students." March 22, 2009

"This program is indeed a model to be duplicated!" March 22, 2009

"Dear Laurel, Thank you for sharing your newsletter-summary of the work you are doing to engage all families in productive ways in their children's education-including parents who may not speak English at home. There are many good ideas for the six types of involvement." Joyce Epstein May 29, 2009

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